What are core beliefs?

Core Beliefs are deeply held assumptions we hold to be true. They are formed from what we are taught, our experiences, our culture and environment. There is emotional conviction attached to beliefs. When core beliefs are clear and true, they create a compelling inextinguishable force. We can apply this in life and we can apply this in business.

Then what are the Values?

Values related to our needs and what is important to us. These will change based on situations, stage of life and other circumstances. If we understand what people truly believe in, then we understand what they will value.

What are Motivators?

Motivators are conditions or things we are attracted to based on our values or we avoid based on our values. If we understand the beliefs and values we can set up environments and conditions that will attract and inspire.

What is Behaviour?

Behaviour is the way we act or what we do based on the beliefs, value and motivators. If we are mindful of values, create a compeling condition, we will see people truly commit to their organisation.