We get sucked into complexity all the time.
Sometimes our co-workers or clients drag us into overly complex processes and requirements. This may be well intended.
Sometimes we can say NO and other times we can’t. Sometimes we don’t have the words or thoughts, readily at hand, to stave off Complexification.
If a simplicity mindset is our constant cornerstone, we can at least de-clutter as much as we can.
Your starting mindset has an amazing affect!
Covey said, “Start with the end in mind.” So start with Simplicity in mind.

How do we get there? Sometimes our own people overly “complexify” areas of their responsibility because they feel a need to show their intelligence or to put a ‘stamp’ on something. Sometimes complexity is as much about ego or positioning or power or a need to micro-manage as it is about productivity.

Avoidance of complexity is a dicipline of it’s own. We provide the service of de-complexifying or SIMPLIFYING as an outside resource because many companies can not do this on their own.

Posted by Doug McRae